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The Ultimate Threat to the Establishment

In Revelation it states that Christians will be persecuted for their faith... but I'm not so sure that people understand the ways in which believers are "persecuted", daily, in this world.

Reflect on all of the entities whose corruption is surfacing on a mass scale - are these entities created in God's image?

Or is their a sinister (devil) agenda going on that is being brought to light?

Just a few examples:

  • Vaccines - of which use aborted fetal cells and cause SICKNESS and death

  • The Pharmaceutical Industry - of which does not"cure" patients, but creates patients for life

  • Hollywood - which includes many pedophiles that have done grotesque things for fame (selling their souls to the devil, quite literally)

  • Propaganda - of which attempts to assimilate people into a desensitized view of the physical world (we could also include the highly sexualized nature of 2020 programming)

  • The public school system - of which is centered around indoctrinating children to believe solely in SCIENCE (man) over God (the creator)

  • The USDA food pyramid - of which is contributing to sickness at alarming rates due to the highly processed, poisonous chemicals that are intertwined in our foods

  • Governments at large - of which have attempted to oppress/control citizens for their own greedy gain

The list goes on and on, but I think something is very clear: all of these agendas are purposeful to remove the God connection (Christ consciousness) that we all have, innately.

We could talk about fluoride, prescription medication, chemicals, violent videogames/TV programming, sexualized music/shows/children's toys, etc. here but thats a whole other post.

In my opinion, people who understand their divine creation do not participate in regimens/behaviors/systems that would hinder this creation.

They would not participate in the Vaccine hoax because they would understand the consequences of sorcery both spiritually and physically.

They would not worship Hollywood or celebrities because they would see the devil in the details. You cannot worship man and God at the same time! (Some people know more about the Kardashians than they do the Bible - what's that say?)

They would not allow their children's minds to be subjected to harmful propaganda via television OR the public school system, nor would they allow indoctrination to a system that removes God almost completely from one's life.

They would not consume poisonous, lab-created foods as they would understand that God supplied the foods needed to survive, thrive, and heal on this Earth.

When the SCAMdemic began, what did they do?

  • Many governors temporarily banned the sale of seeds - attacking self-sustainability.

  • Many "health food stores" removed Colloidal Silver off of the shelves - attacking self-healing.

  • The CDC stated that we cannot "boost our immune systems" - attacking our faith in our ability to heal thus placing an emphasis on reliance in a MAN MADE SYSTEM (the AMS).

  • What have they canceled in numerous states? Places of worship!

  • Masks are being mandated with 0 scientific evidence supporting said mandates - attacking those who refuse to buy into fear propaganda because of their faith!

Not only are they attempting to poison our minds via fear, but they are also actively removing the ways in which believers can thrive in their divine bodies... including the actual poisoning of humanity via our food, water, and air.

Blatant DAILY, seemingly minute attacks on those who fundamentally believe in their divine creation. The agenda is SO clear to me.

The Devil cannot create anything - he manipulates what God has already created. If this SCAMdemic has done anything, it has absolutely lifted the veil of deceit. People are waking at alarming rates and turning to God now more than ever!

Believers are single handedly the biggest threat to the establishment because they will not bow to the luciferian agenda to remove God's existence/presence.

I understand Revelation now more than ever before.


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