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The Correlation Coefficient between COVID-19 Deaths & Influenza Vaccinations: The Numbers Don’t Lie

By Paul via QPlusNews

The correlation between COVID-19 deaths per million of population and 65+ year olds that have received influenza vaccines is real. Dr. Allan S. Cunningham presented the challenge and here are the results.

One source for vaccine data: OECD (2020), Influenza vaccination rates (indicator) doi:10.1787/e452582-e (Accessed on 21 May 2020). This lists, by country, the % of the population aged 65+ for 2018 or the latest available year. For Covid-19 death rates by country as of 21 May 2020:

% INFLUENZA VACCINATIONS IN THE ELDERLY (x) /COVID-19 DEATH RATES PER MILLION (y) Czech Republic 20.3/28 Lithuania 13.4/22 Denmark 52.0/97 Luxembourg 37.6/174 Estonia 4.8/48 Netherlands 64.0/337 Finland 48.4/55 Norway 34.4/43 France 49.7/431 Portugal 60.8/125 Germany 34.8/99 Slovak Republic 13.0/5 Hungary 26.8/49 Slovenia 11.8/51 Ireland 57.6/319 Spain 53.7/596 Italy 52.7/535 Sweden 49.4/384 Latvia 7.7/12 United Kingdom 72.6/531

The x and y values shown above were used to determine the Correlation Coefficient (link for calculator below) between the two.

Is this a continuing worldwide Geronticide?

Here is my rebuttal to the “Correlation Does Not Equal Causation” arguments I have received, focusing on the over 65 population in Italy. Coinciding with the Italian government’s’ mandatory vaccination law passed in 2013 was a “No-Charge” flu vaccination program anyone over the age of 65.

“Vaccination is recommended and free of charge for all people aged 65 and over, regardless of the presence of particular risk situations

In August 2019, a nationwide media campaign using TV, radio, web and social channels was implemented to scare and coerce the elderly into get vaccinated for the flu, also using the “free” aspect to attract low income individuals. 

Here is the youtube link to the propaganda video that was released by the government titled “Campagna di comunicazione sull’influenza 2019-2020”

“A “boosted” vaccine is also available, containing immune-enhancing substances for a better performance of the vaccine and is currently recommended for adults 65 years of age or older.

“In September 2019 was made available for the first time in Italy a “cell-based” flu shot, called VIQCC or QIVc, that is produced from cultured animal cells rather than eggs.”

Does the flu shot increase the risk for coronavirus infection? YES!

Could a new flu vaccine be partly responsible for the COVID-19 mortality rate in Italy?  YES

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