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Syntocinon is not Oxytocin

Syntocinon is not Oxytocin

Oxytocin is a natural hormone made by the body. It cannot be bottled. It cannot be bagged. It cannot be replicated. Care providers that tell you otherwise are consciously deceiving, manipulating and coercing you...because they KNOW this.

Pharmaceutical companies print the word “Oxytocin” on to bags of Syntocinon.

Syntocinon is not Oxytocin.

Syntocinon does not replicate natural labour. Syntocinon disrupts the natural flow of hormones that work in perfect unison during labour.

Oxytocin (body’s love hormone which also stimulates the uterus creating natural surges during labour and also gives us a euphoric natural high) 👉 Endorphins (body’s natural pain relieving hormone) 👉🏻 Cortisol (body’s natural stress reliever) 👉🏻 Melatonin (released in natural, dark settings boosts Oxytocin even more)...this is the body working in unison during labour.

Introduce Syntocinon and all of this ☝🏻 is interrupted.

One thing Syntocinon DOES do is increase Adrenalin...this hormone slows labour and will appear when we’re in a stressful situation or inundated with fear.

Syntocinon is not Oxytocin and care providers need to quit trying to coerce us into believing otherwise.


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