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Shedders Are Spreaders

All live virus vaccines contain live viruses - find out which vaccines spread viruses in this post

They may be weakened, but they can still replicate in the right environment and infect both the vaccinated and "shed" to people around them for weeks after the vaccine is given.

Which vaccines are LIVE?

Chicken Pox- Varivax Section 5.4 (up to 6 weeks)

MMR- MMRII page 5 (Up to 28 days)

Shingles- Zostavax Section 5.2

Rotavirus- Rotateq Section 5:5 (Up to 15 days, fecal shedding)

Small Pox- ACAM2000 Section 5:10 (Only used in the military but highly contagious)


But does that REALLY happen? Yes it can and does, as these studies illustrate:

Varicella transfer after vaccine to pregnant mom

Pub Med article on Rotavirus shedding

Mumps Vaccine sheds

Mumps vaccine sheds

Measles virus sheds for 1-13 days after vaccination

Mumps outbreak in Netherlands linked to those vaccinated twice with MMR

Measles vaccinated child responsible for outbreak in British Columbia

New York Measles outbreak linked to vaccinated

Measles outbreak among the vaccinated

We don't know for certain how long shedding occurs because we don't test for it long term or regularly but in rare instances, it has gone on for years


Additionally, the Dtap/Tdap and Polio vaccines that are not live have been shown to cause the vaccinated to become asymptomatic carriers whenever exposed, thus, the vaccinated can be spreading the illness without knowing at any time

Pertussis carrier

Diphtheria carrier

The polio vaccine “does not stop transmission of the virus” & “when a person immunized with IPV is infected w/ wild poliovirus, the virus can still multiply inside the intestines & be shed in the feces, risking continued circulation.”

You can also find that most medical facilities are aware of this - John Hopkins & Saint Jude hospitals are just a few of many who post precautions for recently vaccinated visitors



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