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I hope that this article finds you well and that it is useful to you in your endeavors! Below you will find some recommended items for the months ahead - note that this is NOT a complete list. I will be posting more articles and education at The Lowdown, too! Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!

Disclaimer: All information provided in this newsletter is meant for educational and informational purposes only. The statements in this newsletter have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Products and information are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease. Viewers are advised to do their own research.


Boost your immune system.

This is the vitamin C that we love.

Use code AWP5343 to get 5% off of your purchase!


This is our favorite Zinc as it can be broken down into various dosages!

Use code AWP5343 to get 5% off of your purchase!



I seriously SWEAR on this liquid gold.

We have 3 - 4 bottles in our fridge at all times and the kids LOVE its taste!


Oil of Oregno is fabulous for boosting the immune system. We always have a few bottles in our cabinet!

Read more about its benefits here


We love NutranaSilver!

It consists of only two ingredients: nano sized metallic silver particles from mother earth and distilled water. Combining these two ingredients in a proprietary manner produces NutranaSilver Plus, a potent 3600 PPM colloidal silver product that is known and respected throughout the world as being the premier colloidal silver concentrate. It can be diluted to any ppm concentration without losing effectiveness for common household uses, which gives you the ability to control your own number of drops while ensuring effectiveness.


Mission Darkness™ faraday bags for keyfobs, cell phones, and small electronics block all wireless signals and keep devices shielded, preventing hacking, tracking, and chain of custody corruption. When a device is placed inside a bag, fob signals cannot be boosted, no apps or malicious code can be remotely triggered or wiped, no communication can penetrate, and no one can access the microphone, camera, GPS location, or data. Choose between various faraday bag styles, such as window and non-window sleeves, MOLLE pouches, and travel cases. All bags are constructed with multiple layers of high-shielding TitanRF™ Faraday Fabric on all sides with dual paired seam construction.

Use Code REDPILLREV for 5% off!


Nebulizers deliver liquid or aerosol "medications" that help you breathe to your lungs via a mask or mouthpiece. Medications given via nebulizer can treat acute conditions or can prevent respiratory problems from developing. Nebulizers have benefits as a treatment for lung disease over oral medications or inhalers.


If you are able to purchase a generator, I would do so. Why? Because IF the grid were to go down, you will need a way to run the electricity in your home. This is especially important for food preservation in relation to your refrigerator/freezer. You can purchase one at Lowe's, Home Depot, Harbor Freight, and other similar stores.


DEEP FREEZER! Did you know the United States has had a shortage of deep freezers? According to our local sources, there have been no shipments for the past 6 months, and people are on waiting lists across the nation. Deep freezers are great for food storage!


Emergency food preparation.

IF the grid were to go down, and you do not have a way to preserve your fridge/freezer, you may need to have an emergency food kit handy. Rationing is key, always!


Solar Panels for Portable Energy



Knowing how to can/dehydrate/preserve your food is pertinent! 



First Aid knowledge/access is important!



(no seriously, do it)



A complete water filtration system!



Water Filter for hiking, camping, travel, and emergency preparedness!


HOMESTEADING 10 Ways to Start Homesteading Now: Homesteading for beginners



Detox foot pads may enhance the body’s natural detoxification processes to help counter-act the increased number of unnatural substances the body is put into contact with due to our modernized lifestyles. 


Please note: this is not a complete list as there are MANY more items/topics that are of importance.


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