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Evidence of Mercury Poisoning & Autism as Supported by Numerous Scientific Studies

Read the studies and source links in this post!

Per the Vaccine Information Network (VINE),

"Some of the ingredients in vaccines, most notably Thimerosal (mercury) and aluminum, are highly toxic and damaging to the nervous system and immune system of a developing child, and reactions to these toxins may vary greatly by child

We cite nine published studies that support this position:

1.) Thimerosal Neurotoxicity is Associated with Glutathione Depletion: Protection with Glutathione Precursors. Neurotoxicology, Jan 2005. S. Jill James, PhD [University of Arkansas].

This recent study demonstrates that Thimerosal lowers or inhibits the body's ability to produce Glutathione, an antioxidant and the body's primary cellular-level defense against mercury.

Excerpt: "Thimerosal-induced cytotoxicity was associated with depletion of intracellular Glutathione in both cell lines...The potential effect of Glutathione or N-acetylcysteine against mercury toxicity warrants further research as possible adjunct therapy to individuals still receiving Thimerosal-containing vaccines."

2.) Uncoupling of ATP-mediated Calcium Signaling and Dysregulated IL-6 Secretion in Dendritic Cells by Nanomolar Thimerosal Environmental Health Perspectives, July 2006. Samuel R. Goth, Ruth A. Chu Jeffrey P. Gregg

This study demonstrates that very low-levels of Thimerosal can contribute to immune system disregulation.

Excerpt: "Our findings that DCs primarily express the RyR1 channel complex and that this complex is uncoupled by very low levels of THI with dysregulated IL-6 secretion raise intriguing questions about a molecular basis for immune dyregulation and the possible role of the RyR1 complex in genetic susceptibility of the immune system to mercury."

3.) Aluminum adjuvant linked to gulf war illness induces motor neuron death in mice Neuromolecular Medicine, 2007 Christopher Shaw, Ph.D. [Department of Ophthalmology and Program in Neuroscience, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada]

This study demonstrates the extreme toxicity of the aluminum adjuvant used as a preservative in vaccines.

Excerpt: "testing showed motor deficits in the aluminum treatment group that expressed as a progressive decrease in strength measured...Significant cognitive deficits in water-maze learning were observed in the combined aluminum and squalene group...Apoptotic neurons were identified in aluminum-injected animals that showed significantly increased activated caspase-3 labeling in lumbar spinal cord (255%) and primary motor cortex (192%) compared with the controls. Aluminum-treated groups also showed significant motor neuron loss (35%) and increased numbers of astrocytes (350%) in the lumbar spinal cord."

4.) Activation of Methionine Synthase by Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 and Dopamine: a Target for Neurodevelopmental Toxins and Thimerosal. Molecular Psychiatry, July 2004. Richard C. Deth, PhD [Northeastern University].

This study demonstrates how Thimerosal inhibits methylation, a central driver of cellular communication and development.

Excerpt: "The potent inhibition of this pathway [methylation] by ethanol, lead, mercury, aluminum, and thimerosal suggests it may be an important target of neurodevelopmental toxins."

5.) Neurotoxic Effects of Postnatal Thimerosal are Mouse Strain Dependent. Molecular Psychiatry, Sep 2004. Mady Hornig, MD [Columbia University].

This recent work by Columbia University Doctors explores whether genes are important in determining if mercury exposures akin to those in childhood immunizations can disrupt brain development and function. It is the first known scientific study done specifically on ethlymercury administered in a way similar to the vaccine schedule. Dr. Hornig discussed the study before Congress in September 2004.

Excerpt: "The premise of our research is that if mercury in vaccines creates risk for neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism, genetic differences are likely to contribute to that risk. Earlier studies, however, did not use the form of mercury present in vaccines, known as thimerosal, and did not consider whether intramuscular, repetitive administration during early postnatal development, when the brain and immune systems are still maturing, might intensify toxicity. Our predictions were confirmed. Using thimerosal dosages and timing that approximated the childhood immunization schedule, our model of postnatal thimerosal neurotoxicity demonstrated that the genes in mice that predict mercury-related immunotoxicity also predicted nuerodevelopmental damage. Features reminiscent of those observed in autism occurred in the mice of the genetically sensitive strain."

6.) Thimerosal induces DNA breaks, Caspase-3 Activation, Membrane Damage, and Cell Death in Cultured Human Neurons and Fibroblasts. Toxicological Science, 2003. David S. Baskin, MD [Baylor College of Medicine].

This study demonstrates the potent toxicity of Thimerosal on brain cells.

7.) Organic Mercury Compounds and Autoimmunity. Autoimmunity Review, 2005. Said Havarinasab, MD [Linkoping University].

This study demonstrates the clear link between ethylmercury [from Thimerosal] and autoimmune responses.

8.) Mercury and autism: Accelerating Evidence? Neuroendocrinology Letters, Oct 2005. Joachim Mutter, M.D. [Freiburg University, Germany].

This recent study from Germany summarizes many of the recent scientific advances. Excerpt: "The causes of autism and neurodevelopmental disorders are unknown. Genetic and environmental risk factors seem to be involved...Repetitive doses of thimerosal leads to neurobehavioral deteriorations in autoimmune susceptible mice, increased oxidative stress and decreased intracellular levels of glutathione in vitro. Subsequently, autistic children have significantly decreased level of reduced glutathione. Promising treatments of autism involve detoxification of mercury, and supplementation of deficient metabolites."

9.) Retrograde Degeneration of Neurite Membrane Structural Integrity of Nerve Growth In Vitro Exposure to Mercury. NeuroReport, 2001. Christopher Leong, MD [University of Calgary].

This study shows how mercury damages brain cells." (2017)


SOME Studies on Vaccine Autism:


More studies:

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A two-phase study evaluating the relationship between Thimerosal-containing vaccine administration and the risk for an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis in the United States

A study published in the Journal of Biomedical Sciences determined that the autoimmunity to the central nervous system may play a causal role in autism


Doctors who explain clearly why vaccines aren't safe or effective:

1. Dr. Nancy Banks - 2. Dr. Russell Blaylock - 3. Dr. Shiv Chopra - 4. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny - 5. Dr. Suzanne Humphries - 6. Dr. Larry Palevsky - 7. Dr. Toni Bark - 8. Dr. Andrew Wakefield - 9. Dr. Meryl Nass - 10. Dr. Raymond Obomsawin - 11. Dr. Ghislaine Lanctot - 12. Dr. Robert Rowen - 13. Dr. David Ayoub - 14. Dr. Boyd Haley PhD - 15. Dr. Rashid Buttar - 16. Dr. Roby Mitchell - 17. Dr. Ken Stoller - 18. Dr. Mayer Eisenstein - 19. Dr. Frank Engley, PhD - 20. Dr. David Davis - 21. Dr Tetyana Obukhanych - 22. Dr. Harold E Buttram - 23. Dr. Kelly Brogan - 24. Dr. RC Tent - 25. Dr. Rebecca Carley - 26. Dr. Andrew Moulden - 27. Dr. Jack Wolfson - 28. Dr. Michael Elice - 29. Dr. Terry Wahls - 30. Dr. Stephanie Seneff - 31. Dr. Paul Thomas - 32. Many doctors talking at once - 33. Dr. Richard Moskowitz - censored 34. Dr. Jane Orient - 35. Dr. Richard Deth - 36. Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic - 37. Dr Chris Shaw - 38. Dr. Susan McCreadie - 39. Dr. Mary Ann Block - 40. Dr. David Brownstein - 41. Dr. Jayne Donegan - 42. Dr. Troy Ross - censored 43. Dr. Philip Incao - 44. Dr. Joseph Mercola - 45. Dr. Jeff Bradstreet - 46. Dr. Robert Mendelson - 47. Dr Theresa Deisher 48. Dr. Sam Eggertsen-


Hundreds more doctors testifying that vaccines aren't safe or effective, in these documentaries:

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