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Gentle Detox for Children

By Megan Redshaw via LivingWhole

I already know I’m going to catch flack from those who believe vaccines are perfectly safe — that injecting 49 doses of 16 vaccines containing neurotoxins, carcinogens, antibiotics, aborted baby ingredients, detergents, foreign DNA and live and mutated viruses before age six is no cause for concern, and from those who think natural medicine (which has been around since circa day one) and the belief that the body can heal itself is pure quackery. (If you are one of those people, this post is not for you.)

If your child was vaccinated, suffered an adverse reaction, has a chronic health condition, or if you want to prevent one that could occur in the future as a result of being vaccinated in the past, then a detox may be in order. If you believe in the science that shows that accumulated toxins contribute to health conditions and want to address the burden vaccines placed on your child and the toxins stored in their body as a result … keep reading. 

The whole concept of detoxing is really quite simple: Detoxing attempts to restore balance by supporting the body’s elimination channels, and facilitates the binding of metals, chemicals, and toxins so they can be safely removed from the body. If you don’t think vaccines are toxic, take a quick walk through the vaccines additive and excipients list

We’ve got formaldehyde (a probable human carcinogen), mercury (a neurotoxin and the second most toxic substance known to man), aluminum (a known neurotoxin, 75% of which is retained in a newborn and up to 40% in an adult and is stored in the kidneys, spleen, liver, heart, brain, lymph nodes, and muscle), cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (a hazardous substance), MSG (a neurotoxin), 2-Phenoxyethoanol (a hazardous toxin and central nervous system depressant), and polysorbate 80 (a toxin associated with serious adverse effects including death), to name a few.

Let me save you some time, none of the ingredients contained in vaccines are safe, many are stored in the body, and all of them contribute to health conditions, if not today … then tomorrow.

Oh, but these ingredients are easily excreted from the body … except that they’re not. Fully functioning kidneys are required to eliminate many of these ingredients (like aluminum) and a child’s kidneys are not fully developed until they are almost two years old.

Good bowel flora (which ingredients in vaccines compromise) is required for proper elimination of toxic substances. You can see the effects of the skin attempting to eliminate these toxins: It’s called “eczema,” and it’s not normal. People also claim that substances like formaldehyde are safe because we ingest a minute amount in some of the foods we eat (like pears), except that we’re not ingesting these chemicals and toxins, we’re injecting them. BIG DIFFERENCE.


There’s a misconception that detoxing is harsh or can only be done via chelating and fasting. With children, it is extremely important that detoxing be done in a slow, gentle manner, and in the safest way possible. A detox usually lasts 1-3 months, but may last longer if your child suffered an adverse reaction. After the detox is completed, you can narrow in on your child’s specific health condition (if they have one) which is why establishing care with a Naturopath, Naturopathic Physician, Functional Medicine Doctor, or Chiropractor trained in this area is a great idea.

Note: You should never “detox” a child under the age of one; however, many of these things (like epsom salt baths, essential oils, and raw food smoothies) can be used to help support the body.

Here are some gentle detox ideas for a child who has been vaccinated (to help counteract the harmful effects of vaccines):

Detoxification Bath

A detox bath can be used to rid the body of viruses, bacteria, cellular waste, metals and chemicals from the body. Add 5 drops of lavender essential oil to your child’s bath with a 1/4 cup of epsom salt. You can also do this as a foot bath. (For more specific instructions on the epsom salt bath and epsom salt benefits, check out this post.) 


Probiotics are essential for restoring gut flora and balancing the immune system, especially if your child experienced an adverse reaction to a vaccine (like eczema, ear infections, arthritis, diabetes, gastrointestinal disease, etc.). Here is a list of recommended probiotics:

Omega 3 Oil

Omega 3s are especially important to take if your child suffered an adverse reaction or had MMR, DPT, Dtap, or Varicella vaccines. Although a high quality fish oil is recommended, Udo’s oil is a vegan/plant-based alternative.  

  • Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil by Rosita is a very high quality fish oil, but is more expensive.

  • Nordic Natural Cod Liver Oil is high quality, but less expensive.

  • Udo’s oil is the best vegan alternative.

  • For more on why omega 3 oils derived from fish oil are superior to plant-based omega 3s, read this post.

Cilantro Chelation Therapy

Dr. Yoshiaki Omura discovered that the leaves of the coriander plant (which we refer to as cilantro) can accelerate the excretion of mercury and aluminum from the body due to its molecular bond. This is an inexpensive and gentle option to help facilitate toxin removal without spending a ton on supplements. 

To use: Incorporate cilantro into your detoxing regimen by juicing with cilantro or consuming it raw. Your child should have a minimum of 1 teaspoon daily for 2-3 weeks. You can also use cilantro extract or do an epsom salt bath with 2-3 drops of (properly diluted) coriander essential oil.

For severe cases, consider using in conjunction with chlorella and under the supervision of naturopath or functional medicine doctor. Cilantro and chlorella are both great at detoxing the bowel and mobilizing heavy metals and toxins that have been stored in deeper tissues but can have a strong effect on the body. 

Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry syrup is an excellent natural remedy for children shown to inhibit enzymes used by viruses to penetrate and infect healthy cells. Many people like to combine this with olive leaf extract, which has been shown to be an effective remedy against almost every type of disease-causing microorganism, relieves many health problems, and has exhibited microbial effects against over 130 infectious diseases.

It would be pertinent to take this remedy if your child has had any of the live vaccines including MMR, Varicella, Flu Vaccine, OPV, DPT, and would also be indicated for Dtap. There are several ways to take elderberry: You can make your ownelderberry syrup, get creative with gummy lozenges, or if you’re DIY challenged like I am, source an amazing liquid elderberry syrup supplement

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps counteract the damage of heavy metals, chemicals, and toxins contained in vaccines and strengthens the immune system. The best way to get vitamin C is through food but since we’re detoxing, adding a supplement and taking it frequently throughout the day is beneficial. I recommend liquid vitamin C, gummies, or lypospheric vitamin C.


Silica helps gently pull toxins out of the tissues and into the blood stream to be eliminated from the body. Studies on silicic acid show that it is an effective non-invasive therapy for reducing the burden of aluminum in the body, that it slows down the accumulation of aluminum in brain tissue and the gastrointestinal tract, substantially reduces aluminum bioavailability to humans, reduces toxicity in plants and animals, and enhances the excretion of aluminum in urine without negative side-effects. In other words, silica can only help a good detox. You can purchase silica in liquid mineral form, as a cell salt, or as an herbal extract (horsetail).

Homeopathic Antidotes 

Some children benefit greatly from homeopathic antidotes. Typically, a homeopath or naturopathic doctor will either recommend a remedy based on the constitutional type of your child and side effects they experienced as a result of vaccinations, or will recommend a vaccine potentized as a homeopathic remedy known as a “vaccine antidote.” If your child was vaccinated against chicken pox, measles, mumps, rubella, and polio, you would want a Varicella antidote, MMR antidote, and IPV antidote. If they were injected with vitamin K or Hepatitis B, you would want a vitamin K and Hep B antidote. Antidotes generally have no negative side-effects and are in an easy-to-take sugar pellet form that can be dissolved under the tongue or crushed up.


When toxins are pulled from the body, they need to be flushed out. Full kidney function is dependent upon there being enough water in the body. Avoid soda, dairy, and junk juices and encourage your child to drink plenty of water (5-8 cups) throughout the day. You can sweeten it with a little honey and lemon (for increased vitamin C) or add some liquid chlorophyll.


During a detox it is especially important to “milk the lymph nodes” through gentle massage. The Lymphatic system is the clean-up crew of the body and massage helps remove cell wastes, proteins, excess fluid, viruses, and bacteria trapped in the lymph nodes. 

Dandelion Root

Dandelion Root (herbal or tincture) supports the liver during a detox, which is important because the liver performs over 5,000 functions, including toxin filtration. Although there are several herbs that can support and cleanse the liver, none are safer, more effective, or as inexpensive as dandelion. Dandelion helps the liver and gallbladder filter out toxins, purifies the blood, stimulates the kidneys to eliminate toxins through the urine, and assists with cell metabolism.

You can purchase dandelion greens from the store (to use in juices and smoothies) or purchase in pill form, as an herbal tea, or pick them from your own back yard. If you have a hard time believing that the “weed” in your yard could serve such an important purpose, might I recommend reviewing the studies on dandelion in the PubMed database? They are quite impressive.

Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal is on this list because it is a great way to help remove toxins from the body once they are mobilized from other tissues by chelation. Simply empty a capsule into water or applesauce once per day to facilitate removal. No, it will not affect other supplements your child is taking but it may interfere with medications, so it’s not a bad idea to take it separately, on an empty stomach, and with plenty of water.

Raw Food, Juices, & Smoothies

The absolute best way to counteract the harmful effects of a vaccine is through food, and my favorite way of doing this for children is through raw smoothies and juices. Shoot for at least 2-3 raw juices or smoothies per day during a detox in addition to their normal meals. Try to include foods like broccoli, collards and kale, daikon radish, garlic, onions, spices, and sunny-side up eggs from free-range chickens in their diet during this time.


It’s not unheard of for there to be mild side-effects during a detox known as a “healing crisis.” Your child may be grumpy for the first few days, may experience a worsening of symptoms, loose stools, may sleep more, or may experience flu-like symptoms. However, your child (more commonly than not) may experience no noticeable side-effects at all. 


What should you do after a detox? This depends on the severity of whatever situation you’re working with. Your child may need a break from detoxing, may need to detox for a longer period of time, or may be sufficiently healed.  You may have to add things in, take things out, or give everything a little more time to work.

If you aren’t working with a natural medicine practitioner, I would highly recommend it. If you don’t have one available in your area, continue to seek out things that will help your child’s specific condition. Finally, “when in doubt, juice it out.” Juicing is safe for people of all ages and will address both toxicities and deficiencies.

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