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I will guarantee you that cavities in teeth are not caused by a fluoride deficiency in the human body. The reason I can be be so certain of this is because fluoride is not a normal component of human biochemistry. The only thing that fluoride was used for, prior to my profession slathering it on people’s teeth and adding it to their water supply, was as rat poison. It is rarely mentioned, but a true fact nevertheless, that both Stalin and Hitler had fluoride added to the drinking water of their military captives to make these captives more docile and easier to control. There is a multiplicity of facts about fluoride that is ignored, or belittled by proponents of fluoride, because it is inconvenient for them to give creedence to these issues. Do your homework on fluoride and you will find that it should never be used in the human body.

Controversy surrounding the fluoridation experiment has persisted for half a century. Japan and all of the continental Europe have rejected the idea for reasons of safety and medical ethics. Experiments in poor countries produced such harmful results that they were quickly halted. Why does fluoridation continue to receive vigorous government and professional backing in the English-speaking nations?


Fluoride has never received FDA approval and does not meet the legal requirements of safety and effectiveness necessary for such approval.

Fluoride is a pharmacologically active substance unrelated to water purification. There is no possibility of obtaining individual informed consent for medication with this experimental drug when it is placed in a public water system. For these reasons, fluoridation violates the Nuremberg Code of medical ethics and human rights.

In over 50 years of testing, it has never been demonstrated that fluoride is effective in preventing tooth decay.

A world wide decline in human tooth decay has occurred at the same rate in populations exposed to elevated fluoride levels and in populations not exposed to elevated fluoride levels. This spontaneous decline in tooth decay has been superstitiously attributed to fluoride.

Fluoride is an accumulative protoplasmic poison rated at or above the toxicity of lead.

LEAD  Toxicity Rating: 3-4         FLUORIDE  Toxicity Rating: 4

3= moderately toxic        4=very toxic (Toxicology of Commercial Products, 5th Ed. 1984)

Under U.S. Law (under the EPA)

Maximum allowable LEAD in drinking water:    0.015 mg./liter

Maximum allowable FLUORIDE in drinking water:    4.0 mg./liter* *Over 350 times the permitted lead level

Medical research shows that hip fracture rates are 20- 40% higher in localities with fluoridated water.

Epidemiological analysis shows that bone cancer rates in young males are 80-600% higher in fluoridated localities.

The fluoride dose prescribed by doctors and the dose administered without prescription to everyone in community drinking water is expected to cause dental fluorosis in 10 % of children. Actual Public Health Service figures show that 30% of children in fluoridated localities have dental fluorosis, and 10% of children in Non-fluoridated areas now have fluorosis.

Fluorosis is malformation of tooth enamel characterized by discoloration and brittleness.

Since there is no limitation or monitoring of the use of fluoridated water in food processing, many processed foods contain high concentrations of fluoride.

Concentrations of fluoride in toothpaste are 500-1500 parts per million. This fluoride is absorbed through the lining of the mouth and deposited in the body like ingested fluoride. One to two brushings can yield a dose of 1 milligram fluoride.

Ingested fluoride is deposited in bones as well as teeth. X-rays show abnormal bone structure in children with dental fluorosis.

Fluorides are used in the biochemistry laboratory to stop enzyme activity. Fluorides have the same effect on enzyme activity in the human body.

The chemicals injected into public water supplies to elevate fluoride levels and raw industrial waste. The chemicals most commonly used are sodium silicofluoride and hydrofluosilicic acid, toxic by-products of phosphate fertilizer production.

Fluoridated water increases corrosion and leaching of lead from water mains and plumbing.

Fluoride levels in the sewer effluent of fluoridated water systems are not monitored or controlled. It has been shown that fish are killed by fluoride emissions at and below the levels probably emitted in sewer effluent.

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