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Childhood Cancer

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Each year in the U.S. there are an estimated 15,780 children between the ages of birth and 19 years of age who are diagnosed with cancer. One in every 286 children in the U.S. will be diagnosed with cancer before their 20th birthday.

Guess what else TRIPLED in that same time frame?

The childhood VACCINE schedule. Each shot (aka vaccination) contains chemicals known to cause cancer in lab animals.

Medical doctors say they have no idea why childhood cancer has increased so dramatically. They also are never shown the real ingredients in vaccines during medical school…

Formaldehyde is a known human carcinogen and one of the main chemicals in cigarettes that can cause cancer. The world-leading chemical agency IARC declared formaldehyde to be carcinogenic to humans (meaning causes cancer in humans) in 2011 after multiple studies showed formaldehyde to be a major risk factor to the development of cancer.

Did your doctor tell you formaldehyde is also in childhood vaccines? The childhood vaccine schedule has tripled in the past 20 years, an increase that aligns with the increase in childhood cancers. Even small doses of a known poison add up because our body doesn’t have a proper way to filter injected toxins, making anything injected far more dangerous than anything inhaled or ingested.


Yet, those same doctors will most likely tell you they have no idea why cancer is increasing or blame it on bad genetics to deflect any potential liability since doctors are also the ones who give and sell vaccines. (Don’t think vaccines are profitable? Think again!)

Is it a just coincidence that childhood cancer, particularly leukemia, is also skyrocketing? Or could it be linked to the known cancer-causing ingredients in childhood vaccines? Given that cancer now kills far more children than any other childhood disease, this is a question that needs answering before submitting children to injections."


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