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Brief Baking Soda Education

By Jessica Kindred

Synthetic vs. natural - do you know the difference?

I love the benefits of baking soda for natural and preventative health remedies but also for cleaning my bathroom and kitchen. When I ingest baking soda for my health or use for my teeth and baths, etc., I always use the natural form (Bob’s or Frontier). When I clean my home, I use the synthetic form (Arm & Hammer).

Here’s the difference:

A brand like Bob’s Red Mill or Frontier are natural brands of baking soda. They are mined directly from the ground in its natural sodium bicarbonate state (also known as nahcolite). In fact, both brands are mined here in the US. There are no chemical reactions, nothing added or tweaked. It’s just pure sodium bicarbonate, the way the earth made it.

On the other hand, Arm & Hammer baking soda uses a chemical reaction process through which trona ore is mined, then heated until it turns into soda ash. Then the soda ash is treated with carbon dioxide, and it becomes baking soda. I like to say one is natural from the Earth and one is synthetic made in a lab. Know the DIFFERENCE and use accordingly.


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