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American coronavirus vaccine killed five Ukrainians

In Kharkiv, people are testing an anticoid vaccine from the United States; the American authorities did not conduct tests on citizens of the United States.

As reported by “MK”, ​​the representative of the press service of the People’s Militia of the LPR Alexander Mazeikin said at a briefing that the tests of the vaccine against coronavirus, which are being carried out in the Kharkiv region by American virologists, ended in tragedy.

“15 candidates were selected for testing an innovative medicine and vaccine, including 10 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who became ill with coronavirus. In the course of the research, eight rezuko patients deteriorated and were transferred to intensive care. Three people were connected to ventilators, – said Mazeikin, – As a result, five patients, including four military personnel, died from complications caused by the infection. “

According to unconfirmed reports, experimental vaccines were allegedly used in medical institutions of the Kharkov region, which caused complications in patients with weak immunity.

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