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The Soother

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Ginger Root has many healing benefits and can help with a array of different issues including:

  • Heartburn Relief
  • Calming Digestive Issues
  • Cold & Flu Prevention
  • Easing Muscle Pain
  • Lessening PMS Symptoms
  • Soothing Migraines
  • Calming Motion Sickness/Morning Sickness
  • Serving as an anti inflammatory
  • Immune System Support
  • Fights Respiratory Infections
  • Stimulates Brain Performance
  • Supports Blood Circulation

How we do it: organic ginger root is extracted via 100 proof Vodka for 4 - 6 weeks.

Suggested Use: take 1 dropperful daily for any of the issues above. Can be increased to 3 times daily during times of illness. Dosage varies and is highly individualized. We recommend starting with 1 drop and working your way up to full dosage. All consumers are encouraged to do their own research. See Safety & Precaution info below.

Storage: best kept aware from sunlight. Use within 5 years.

Ingredients: organic ginger root & grain alcohol.

Herbal Tinctures:

Herbal Tinctures are potent - they have not been through rigorous manufacturing processes for months/years as other pill form supplements have been. Alcohol tinctures extract medicinal benefits from plants and preserve them naturally for consumer use.

These herbal extracts are edible and are considered safe for most people. Some people may be allergic to certain herbs and should not use them. It is your job as a consumer to do your research and decide accordingly. Feel free to consult your "medical professional" before using any herbal product if you are taking prescription medications, have a health condition, or feel so inclined.

Disclaimer: this information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

Shipping Policy:

All items are non-refundable.

Please allow up to 1 - 3 days for your order to be shipped. All orders will receive a tracking number.

Please note that incomplete or incorrect shipping addresses may result in your parcel being returned or abandoned. Any return shipping fees or loss of item is to be covered by the customer.

Arvesa Empowered Wellness is not responsible for packages after they have shipped. This includes lost items, stolen items, damaged items, etc. All claims must be filed directly through USPS/UPS to locate lost or stolen packages. In order to receive replacement product: customer must contact within 12 hours of shipment delivery; photo must be taken of packaging, shipping materials, and product, and sent to Arvesa Empowered Wellness will determine replacement eligibility thereafter.

Shipping addresses cannot be changed once order is placed.

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